• Landwirtschaftliche Biogasanlage
  • Biogasanlage 370 kW
  • Biogasanlage 350 kW
  • Gasspeicherdach mit BHKW
  • Biogasanlage 1000 kW
  • Edelstahlfermenter 3000m³
  • Biogasanlage Polen 1000 kW
  • Biogasanlage Rumenien 2000 kW

ENSPAR Biogas GmbH

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33181 Bad Wünnenberg

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E-mail: enspar@enspar.de


Agricultural businesses have made a significant contribution to developing biogas plants in Germany and are pioneers of biogas technology. As far back as the 1990s, the sector recognised that substrates obtained during animal husbandry, renewables and production residues can be fermented in a biogas plant. Heat and electricity are readily available. The integration of private households in the local heat network is a success story, especially in rural communities.

Today, innovative developments in the construction of biogas plants enable the exploitation of new substrates for fermentation, among them straw or dried chicken droppings. It can therefore be worthwhile to reassess input substances previously considered unsuitable and to calculate the costs and benefits of building a new plant. The recently introduced Renewable Energy Act (EEG) also provides lucrative incentives for expanding current systems. You will find more detailed information in our plant concepts, e.g. for straw fermentation, or for system expansions.

ENSPAR has built countless biogas plants in the agricultural sector and possesses a real treasure trove of experience. We provide you with hands-on assistance in preparing a concept and building a new biogas plant, and also offer interesting modules for system expansion. Moreover, there is the option of equipping your current manure storage facilities for integration within a plant concept and/or of building emission protection roofs for your open storage containers.



Profitable recycling of residues

Tons of organic residues that release methane during decomposition are accumulated in agriculture, food production and wastewater treatment. This gas can contribute significantly to climate change if it is emitted unchecked into the atmosphere.

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Plant concepts

Mono-fermentation plant

In Germany, the various waste products from manufacturing processes that are suitable for mono-fermentation include agricultural residue like manure, energy crops or fodder residue in particular. In contrast, the substantial volumes of waste water produced by the palm oil industry are the most important raw materials in Indonesia or Malaysia, the principal palm oil cultivation regions.

Developed to suit the respective waste products and the local circumstances, ENSPAR builds and delivers efficient process engineering solutions – from individual components with modular structures to one-stop solutions made of high-quality stainless steel.

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Biogas plant technologies

Components for your biogas plant – Quality made in Germany

From plant control units to the tent roof, exhaust air treatment to equipment for preliminary    tanks – ENSPAR Biogas has an extensive range that covers all areas of biogas technology to deliver smart, needs-based solutions for specific locations.

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