• Landwirtschaftliche Biogasanlage
  • Biogasanlage 370 kW
  • Biogasanlage 350 kW
  • Gasspeicherdach mit BHKW
  • Biogasanlage 1000 kW
  • Edelstahlfermenter 3000m³
  • Biogasanlage Polen 1000 kW
  • Biogasanlage Rumenien 2000 kW

ENSPAR Biogas GmbH

Paderborner Straße 44
33181 Bad Wünnenberg

Fon: +49 2957 – 98 42 770
Fax: +49 2957 – 98 48 88

E-mail: enspar@enspar.de

Range of services

A customer-centric, full-service provider, we develop and build high-end, stainless steel biogas plants for a range of substrates that can be designed to suit your individual conditions on the ground. We guarantee high product quality and the best technologies, sophisticated planning and project management, as well as hassle-free construction.

Our long-standing experience and innovative, flexible approach allow us at all times to find viable and economically interesting solutions for agriculture, industry and local government.

Besides full systems, we also provide standalone, modular components to process organic residues. Here, our high-quality module solutions are as suitable for smaller systems as they are for plants producing in a megawatt range. We source our components exclusively from partners delivering audited quality, while we also design and manufacture some of our special components ourselves. Moreover, we prepare a complete 3-D model of our customer's systems before they are built.

Our range of services and support is there to assist you even after the plant is in operation. Besides providing detailed operating instructions, our online customer care is always on hand to assist. On request, ENSPAR can organise financing concepts with high-profile partners who are concerned to uphold sustainable and ecological principles instead of seeking short-term financial gains.

Last but not least, we troubleshoot and optimise the processes in older systems to restore the profitability of your current plants.


Profitable recycling of residues

Tons of organic residues that release methane during decomposition are accumulated in agriculture, food production and wastewater treatment. This gas can contribute significantly to climate change if it is emitted unchecked into the atmosphere.

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Plant concepts

Abattoir waste system

The following section describes a biogas plant that ENSPAR implemented in eastern Europe for a pig breeding and fattening business with abattoir operations. The plant is already in operation and generates highly-efficient, energy-rich biogas. Yielding 800kW, it has an annual capacity to process and ferment up to 32,000 t of abattoir waste.

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Biogas plant technologies

Components for your biogas plant – Quality made in Germany

From plant control units to the tent roof, exhaust air treatment to equipment for preliminary    tanks – ENSPAR Biogas has an extensive range that covers all areas of biogas technology to deliver smart, needs-based solutions for specific locations.

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